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I would appreciate it if you could read the whole terms and I will try to answer any questions you may have. :)

Price: 200 points for female, 250 for male. 50/100 extra points added for certain traits - see below. 100 points must be paid before sketch is shown.

1) Choose any 2 lion characters from Lil's TLK Fanworld folder. These do not have to be limited by sex, relation, or generation. Examples: Malik x Kiara; Chumvi x Erevu, etc. The idea is to create exciting & unique characters purely for use in other fanworlds or whatever, TLK or non-TLK, entirely unrelated to my own TLK-world.

2) Fill out and send me the below form. Please do not note me requests. Please request by commenting on this journal. That way I can easily keep a record requests in order of comment.

'Parents': ___ x ___
Gender: Male or female
Specs: (if you want your character to exhibit a certain trait you can let me know here. Ear rims or certain nose types won't cost extra. If you want your character to display certain, unusual traits (see below list) this will cost an extra 50 or 100 points owing to either the rarity and/or difficulty aspect of the drawing. Leave this part blank if you are happy for me to design without specifications).

3) The below traits/conditions will cost extra:
  • heterochromia - two different eye colours - 50 points
  • polydactyly - extra toes on each paw - 50 points per paw
  • maned lioness (akin to Hakika or Bhekisisa), 50 points
  • maneless or partially-maned male - 50 points
  • gold cat eyes akin to my marozi designs - 50 points
  • large, leopard-like rosette spots akin to Kuishi and Nyoka - 100 points
  • leucism - partial loss of pigment. The character will be extremely pale, or paler in some places and darker in others. Normal eye colour. 100 points
  • unusually scruffy or longer fur on body, akin to Eshe - 100 points
  • other minor birth defects that would not affect the character's ability to survive in the wild - e.g. stumped tail - 50 points each.
  • mane/ tail tuft of 2 contrasting colours (e.g. red/black, brown/red, etc). Tail tufts can be different colour to mane or made up of two different colours (like Nguvu) - 100 points for 2-coloured mane, 50 for 2-coloured tail tuft; or 50 points only for mane of 1 colour, tail tuft of 1 other colour. 
  • extended claws akin to the 'evil' lions of TLK and TLK:SP - 50 points per pair. So if you want claws visible on just the front paws it's 50 points, 100 points for extended claws on all four paws.
  • Partial melanism - a small area of your lion's body may be black due to excess pigment (akin to Sababu). 100 points.
If you choose two characters of mine that both have the same unusual traits, e.g. Kuishi x Nyoka, their eyes and rosettes will not be added to the design unless the extra is paid.

The below traits will not cost extra:
  • small, sparse spots akin to Nzuri or Kion
  • nose types
  • ear markings akin to Zuri or Tiifu
  • non-mane hair tufts in lionesses akin to Vitani or Eshe
  • head stripes akin to Zira or Kuishi
  • muzzle freckles
  • ear tufts akin to Malka or Kuelewa
  • beards in males and elbow tufts in either sex
  • 2 mane/ tail tuft shades of the same colour (e.g. dark brown, light brown)
  • Body types - lean, petite, muscular, robust, etc
4) I will not create characters with the below features, for few reasons: it feels unnatural for me to draw lions with extreme deformities; the additional complexity of the drawing; and the fact such animals would struggle to survive in the wild anyway (or indeed, survive at all) with such afflictions.
  • extra heads, faces, tails, or limbs
  • enlarged limbs
  • missing limbs
  • sirenomelia (fused limbs)
  • cyclopia (don't look it up if you are of a nervous disposition)
  • other physical disabilities
  • albinism or full melanism - hardly ever happens in real life and where is the fun in creating completely white or almost black characters anyway?
  • tattoos, body paint, jewellery or scars

5) At least 100 points to be paid before I start work on the sketch. I will then send you a note with a link to the sketch. A response is required with further payment before the drawing is completed and uploaded.

Notes - If no specifications given, designs will possibly receive traits from parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents of the 2 characters chosen. As new lions are added to my menagerie, new combinations will become available. Please choose only characters that have been drawn and can be found in the folder. All characters will be drawn as adults only, in my own TLK style, with transparent background, as seen in the folder. Original poses will be drawn for commissions but I may use them for bases for my own characters later on.

Requests will close when slots are filled. Designs may take some time to complete depending on other commitments. I reserve the right to cancel all transactions without prior notice, upon which all points will be returned to you.

Thanks for your interest! :D

Finished Commissions:

  Points Commish - wolfiish by Lil-Cheetahfor
Points Commish - jeanzedlav by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconjeanzedlav:
Points Commish - sikudhanii by Lil-Cheetah Points Commish (2) - sikudhanii by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconsikudhanii:
Points Commish - Namacub95 by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconnamacub95:
Points Commish - claire-cooper by Lil-Cheetah Points Commish (2) - Claire-Cooper by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconclaire-cooper:
Points Commish - xMiss-Murder by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconxmiss-murder:
Points Commish - wistrom30andskylar by Lil-Cheetah Points Commish (2) - wistrom30andskylar by Lil-Cheetah Points Commish (3) - wistrom30andskylar by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconwistrom30andskylar:
Points Commish - JustSomeGuy420 by Lil-Cheetah Points Commish (2) - JustSomeGuy420 by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconjustsomeguy420:

Points Commish - srbarker by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconsrbarker:
Points Commish - Ginnafer by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconginnafer:
Points Commish - roifore by Lil-Cheetahfor :iconroifore:


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Thanks so much for the watch!!! :glomp:
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Will you be open for an art trade some time in the future?
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May I say again how important your art is to me? Honestly, whenever I have an art block I just have to see your gallery! * w *
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